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Selected Recent Publications

The ManyBabies Consortium (in press). Quantifying sources of variability in infancy research using the infant-directed speech preference. Advances in Methods and Practices in Psychological Science.

Cychosz, M., Romeo, R., Soderstrom, M., … Cristia, A., Casillas, M.,… (2020). Longform recordings of everyday life: Ethics for best practices. Behavior Research Methods.

Byers-Heinlein, K., Bergmann, C., Davies C., … Soderstrom, M. (accepted). Building a collaborative Psychological Science: Lessons from ManyBabies 1. Canadian Psychology.

Räsänena, O., Seshadri, S., Karadayi, J., Riebling, E., Bunce, J., Cristia, A., Metze, F., Casillas, M. Rosemberg, C., Bergelson, E., Soderstrom, M. (2019). Automatic word count estimation from daylong child-centered recordings in various language environments using language-independent syllabification of speech. Speech Communication, 113, 63-80.

Cristia, A., Dupoux, E., Bernstein Ratner, N., & Soderstrom, M. (2019). Segmentability differences between child-directed and adult-directed speech: A systematic test with an ecologically valid corpus. Open Mind, 3, 13-22.

Bergelson, E, Casillas, M., Soderstrom, M., Seidl, A., Warlaumont, A., Amatuni, A., (2019). What Do North American Babies Hear? A large-scale cross-corpus analysis. Developmental Science, 22(1), e12724.

Rasanen O, Kakouros S, & Soderstrom M. (2018). Is infant-directed speech interesting because it is surprising? - Linking properties of IDS to statistical learning and attention at the prosodic level. Cognition, 178, 193-206.

Bernier D, & Soderstrom M. (2018).Was that my name? Infants' listening in conversational multi-talker backgrounds. Journal of Child Language, 45(6), 1439-1449.

Soderstrom, M., Grauer, E., Dufault, B., & McDivitt, K. (2018). Influences of Number of Adults and Adult:Child ratios on the Quantity of Adult Language Input Across Childcare Settings. First Language, 38(6), 563-581.

Seidl, A., Cristia, A., Soderstrom, M., Ko, E. S., Abel, E. A., Kellerman, A., & Schwichtenberg, A. J. (2018). Infant-Mother Acoustic-Prosodic Alignment and Developmental Risk. Journal of Speech, Language, and Hearing Research, 61(6), 1369-1380.

Frank, M., Bergelson, E., Bergman, C., Cristia, A., Floccia, C., Gervain, J., Hamlin, J.K., Hannon, E.E., Kline, M., Levelt, C., Lew-Williams, C., Nazzi, T., Panneon, R., Rabagliati, H., Soderstrom, M., Sullivan, J., Waxman, S., Yurovsky, D. (2017). A collaborative approach to infant research: Promoting reproducibility, best practices, and theory-building. Infancy, 22(4,) 421-435.